Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tips and tricks to clean your kitchen appliances

Exercising and taking healthy diet are not the only things which can make you healthy. There are many other things which contribute to your good health, one of them is hygiene. Washing your hands or washing your eatables are not enough, you also have to take care of your kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances have to be taken care of on a regular basis as they are very much prone to dirt and moisture resulting into countless bacteria and then infections.

Kitchen appliance should be cleaned thoroughly regularly to keep away bacteria and infections at bay. These appliance have to be washed not only from outside but from inside also. Although everything is mentioned in the user manual of every product, but you can also follow the suggestions given below.

Stove- One of the most important kitchen appliance without which a kitchen is incomplete. Spilled milk, spots of boiled water, tough stains of vegetable gravies etc. are some of the things which make the stove dirty and difficult to clean. Wiping off the stove on a daily basis helps to get rid of daily dirt but the greasy spots are difficult to be wiped off. For these tough stains, first of all remove all attachments, such as burners and grates, mix a gentle soap in hot water. Don’t use harsh scrubbers as they may cause scratches or damage the surface. For the minutest of dirt and dust, always use toothpicks or old toothbrushes. After cleaning it with the soapy mixture, wipe off with a dry cloth to get sparkling results.

Refrigerator- A refrigerator is one such appliance which has many bacteria prone areas because of the presence of moisture. To start with, defrost your refrigerator to get rid of unwanted and useless ice. Empty the shelves and drawers and remove them. Wash them with hot soapy water to which a small amount of baking soda has been added. After cleaning with soapy water, wipe it inside out with dry cloth. Place back all the shelves and drawers and get a germi clean fridge.

Microwave- It is an appliance which can store many germs at a time. While baking, cooking, boiling and grilling, many food particles remain in the oven create havoc if left for a longer period. Start with removing the glass tray and wash it with a mild soapy solution. Clean the inside portion with a dry cloth, you can also use old toothbrush to wipe out bread crumbs and other food particles. In case of tough dirt stains, place a cup of water with ¼ cup of vinegar to it and let it boil for 2-3 minutes. Leave it for some time, this way you can easily wipe of those tough dirt stains and get a germ free and odor free microwave.

Dishwasher- A place where your utensils are washed off course has to be very clean. But how to that, don’t worry, just place a cup filled with hot water and vinegar and let it complete a cycle or you can even sprinkle some baking soda in combination with hot water. Next step is to rinse and clean it thoroughly.

Coffeemaker- A coffee maker gives out bitter coffee if there are any, it may also take a longer period to make coffee which is a direct indication that the coffeemaker needs clean up. For clean up, put water and vinegar and switch on the coffeemaker. Once it is through, turn it off and let it cool down for 10 minutes. Repeat the same process with plain water and wipe off the water.

Perfect formula to get a healthy and germ free kitchen!! isn't it what you think, Do share your experience with others.

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